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Zurich Municipal

Improved IA, CX, UX and a brand aligned redesign (including legal and compliance)

I've worked on a lot of web migrations, varying in degrees from full on IA restructure, re-branding, UI and content redesign to re-platforming a site that's served as a bit of a dumping ground for all manner of content for a few years and needs a serious overhaul.

From defining initial scope (and ensuring the scope is adhered to) to card sorting with end users to delivering new template design, copy, images and list of redirects, I love working with clients (internal and external) to improve what they have and make users of their site (which often has fantastic content squirrelled away) happy.

These projects often involve collaboration with brand and integration with brand campaigns that sit outside the site itself. These journeys need to be seamless and make sense to the user.

Step 1: Planning Sitecore migration of two sites, including redesign

Zurich Municipal provides insurance for various public sector institutions ranging from schools and universities to councils and hospitals.


They also oversee the Engineering Services who provide risk assessment services to the buildings and services they insure. Both the main municipal site and the risk assessment engineering site needed a complete overhaul including copy, imagery, IA and design. 

It also required legal and compliance to be heavily involved. I managed both of these projects.

I started by auditing the sites (which were incredibly sprawling) and creating new IA and user journeys, mapping current URLs to the new proposed IA, specifying redirects and new pages.

I then created clickable frames for this structure in Axure.

    Municipal 2.png

    Step 2; Following the steps

    In any web migration I follow 7 steps. These vary slightly depending on the project specifics of course, but in essence;

    1: Review site, IA and navigation set up - what does the client have on the existing site, how is it structured, and what redirects need to be put in place. Frame new IA and navigation

    2: Design (including content design, component and template design, low-fi frames created around content). Once templates are agreed and user stories for template build specified, designed frames created with content in situ, and put into a prototype

    3: Testing User test of the prototype, design iterations based on feedback, re-test and play back to stakeholders to explain decisions

    4: Build - site build in UAT (working closely with development and CMS teams), testing and tweaking where necessary, before moving into production

    5: Sign off Now depending on the company, this can be simple (with one engaged, relatively web-savvy stakeholders) or complex (with numerous points of technical, legal, compliance and brand communications stakeholders). I always plan this in at the start of the project timeline, as teams can have varying SLAs and this step can really hold a project up if not planned in right.

    6: Launch Usually very early mornings with a team to test and fix, before launching when the non-web build population who's going to use the site is awake!

    7: Ongoing Once a site is put live, it needs to be tracked and improved in an ongoing way. Where I've worked in house, I have taken on this role, analysing digital data and backlogging improvements. Where I have been in a consultancy role, or have left a project, I make sure that those still dealing with the site have the knowledge and set-up to monitor this themselves.

      Municipal 1_edited.jpg


      Following the successful launch of the Municipal and Charity sites, I have been approached by Zurich Engineering (who service claims for both of these areas of business) to completely redesign their site, copy and IA - migrating to Sitecore 9. Project ongoing.

      Programs and approach

      • Frames and business sign off managed through Trello

      • User testing conducted through UserZoom

      • Development managed through Jira

      • Frames created in Axure

      • Prototypes and design created in Figma and Marvel


      Remote end-user interviews

      179 %

      Increase in site traffic following launch


      Increase in document downloads for purchase


      Increase in sire visits from the new brand campaign


      Nat and I worked  together on very meaty project.  Nat was the UX lead and with the digital team delivered a much needed refreshed and functional user led website aimed at the public and voluntary sector. On time and budget. One that spoke to the audience.  Nat is very responsible, competent and collaborative. She puts the customer at the centre of design. Thank you Nat"

      Leezil Rossi, Marketing business partner - Zurich Municipal

      Let’s chat!
      If you would like to talk about any of the projects mentioned here, or any other projects I've worked on, please feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear more about the opportunities you have in store!

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