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Hello, I'm Nat

I specialise in UX and Product Design. I started out as a freelance journalist, moved on to SEO Copywriting and Digital Analytics (with a brief foray into AdWords campaign management) before deciding to specialise in User Experience and Product Design.

UX was the logical and most natural next step for me. I've always written for the end user and always advocated for design to be created to facilitate the necessary content, not the other way round.

I currently live in Easton, Bristol with my partner Jason (a Web Data Analyst) - so you can imagine the geeky conversations that go on in my house over dinner!


Outside work I love writing short stories (see below), arial hoop (if UX doesn't work out, I can run away and join the circus) and singing badly while cooking (the cooking is definitely better than the singing!)

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So... why UXD?

When I started learning to prototype content, I didn't even know UX was a 'proper job'. It wasn't a well known term when I started - but thankfully after a lot of work from the UX community at large (myself included, and it's still an ongoing job to shout about it!) companies understand the value of UX.


UX came quite naturally as my specialism. I enjoy all of the process - from stakeholder management, to the research and discovery stages, to the hands on prototyping, user story and design stages as well as managing and mentoring UX/UI juniors.

I've worked in-house and agency side, with clients ranging from global financial services companies to small local charities.


Whether I design and prototype myself, or provide consultancy, project management and sign off for development and design agencies hired in externally, I make sure it's not just trendy looking. I make sure it works for the end user. 

I'm honest, collaborative and I work hard.

Outside work I keep up with the latest developments in the fast moving world of UX and technology by attending meetups and other industry events, as well as co-running my own monthly meetup group in Bristol, South West UX. 

And outside work

South West User Experience (SWUX)

I co-organise a monthly meetup up event, SWUX with four like minded friends who also work in UX and FE.


The event (usually held in Bristol or online) is an open and inclusive space where we organise talks on a wide range of UX topics - from design to project management to AI.

We welcome everyone, from those new to UX (or looking to get into the industry) to longstanding UX professionals and practitioners.

It's a fantastic space to take off your work hat and simply collaborate, learn, debate and discuss with others. The talks we organise range from large corporations to small start-ups to agencies.

I love sharing knowledge and I also love to learn, as well as encouraging others to learn and share in this informal and inclusive setting.

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Small Stories - community storytelling event

I run a short story event where local writers can submit their stories, read them to the audience, and one story each month is chosen to be illustrated on the night (I send the stories to an illustrator before each event, and they choose which one they would like to draw).

Each month has a theme, and I work with local freelance artists to create advertising for each event around the main Small Stories logo and branding.


I read through each story submission and supply designers with the writer and illustrator information, then we work together collaboratively to produce a themed design that fits the stories being read.

It's great fun working with so many creatives, and also means we can use the theme to publicise important local community projects - the photo here is from an event I put on at Bristol Beacon (formerly Colston Hall) to raise money and awareness about local bereavement charity, The Harbour.

That's me interviewing the panel of counsellors at the event after some of the end users of the Harbour's service had read their stories on stage.

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Let’s chat!
If you would like to talk about any of the projects mentioned here, or any other projects I've worked on, please feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear more about the opportunities you have in store!

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